Catering Menu

All catering orders must be given at least 24 hours notice.

For any additional catering questions or any desired food not listed below, please call 813-704-6015 or email: [email protected]


All sandwiches served with lettuce, tomato, and pickles on the side.

 20 Minis (feeds 10-12) – $40

40 Minis (feeds 20-22) – $65

    Mini Potatoes

    20 Minis (feeds 10-12) – $27

    40 Minis (feeds 20-22) – $47


    Roast Pork Sliders 
    24 Minis (feeds 10-12) – $40

    48 Minis (feeds 20-22) – $65


    Tossed Cuban Salad

    Small (feeds 10-12) – $40

    Large (feeds 20-22) – $70


    House Salad

    Small (feeds 10-12) – $35

    Large (feeds 20-22) – $65


    Taco Bar

    Chicken or Pork served with homemade flour tortillas, yellow rice, black beans, lettuce, tomatoes, shredded cheese, and sour cream.  All Taco Bar orders must be placed with 48 hours notice.

    Small (feeds 10-12) – $150

    Large (feeds 20-22) – $285


    Garbanzo Bean Soup

    (Small) Feeds 10-12 – $35

    (Large) Feeds 20-22 – $55


    Black Beans
    Small (feeds 10-12) – $28
    Large (feeds 20-22) – $40
    Chicken & Yellow Rice 

    Small (feeds 10-12) – $30

    Large (feeds 20-22) – $40



    Assorted Cookie/Brownie Tray – $35 


    Corporate Catering (Most Popular) 


    Shredded Pork or Sliced Mojo Chicken, with Yellow Rice, Black Beans, Fried Yuca and Green Sauce


    $12.75 p/ person – Minimum of 10 People

    Event Catering 

    48-Hour Notice Required

    Catering Combos – $25 per person. (minimum of 20 people per order)

    Your choice of one salad, two sides, and two entrees from the menu below





    Tossed Cuban Salad


    Cobb Salad  


    Garden Salad


    Cesar Salad 



    Black Beans & Yellow Rice 


    Mashed Potatoes


    Mac and Cheese 


    Fried Rice 


    Rice Pilaf 


    Creamy Gnocchi Pasta 


    Roasted Vegetables 


    Penne Pasta 


    Fried Yuca


    Mini Beef Empanadas,

    Mini Deviled Crabs,

    Mini Stuffed Potatoes

    (mix all three) 




      Mojo Chicken 

      Grilled chicken breast 

      marinated in Cuban mojo sauce.


      Teriyaki Chicken 

      Sweet and tangy grilled

      chicken breast.


      Blackened Chicken 

      Grilled chicken breast

      seasoned with herbs and spices.


      Chicken Marsala 

      Chicken cutlets, mushrooms,

      minced garlic and Marsala wine.


      Chicken Parmesan 

      Breaded chicken breast

      covered in tomato sauce and mozzarella


      Italian Sausage

      Sliced Italian sausage links


      Kahlua Pork Loin

      24 hour marinated pork

      loin in a pineapple and

      teriyaki sauce.





      Italian Meatballs

      Pork and beef blend

      smothered in housemade



      Cuban Shredded Beef

      Slow-cooked beef with

      onions, peppers, and tomatoes.


      BBQ Pulled Pork

      Smoky and sweet pulled

      pork in BBQ sauce.



      Latin dish containing

      ground beef, tomatoes, olives,

      onions, carrots and other


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